Off Me! “The Wake” Pt.2

by Bolade Banjo


'Here is a love story, a classic tale of an ill-fated romance, a story about instant attraction and blissful unawareness of what's to come, as told of here by the story's narrators. Being so engulfed in the infatuation that we create a world of comfort and safety, forgetting that things will eventually come to an end whether we like it or not. 

Ultimately, this story becomes just a moment, one that is as beautiful as the experience of being in it and which must be remembered, but not dwelled upon. Sadly, we’ll have to eventually put it behind us to allow us room to grow. Despite how bittersweet any experience is, it's a part of the makeup of our lives and the foundations of our future.

 This album has reminded me that a spectrum of moments and instances, whether good or bad, past or present, all should be treated with the same gravity to allow us clarity. ‘Smile at the past when I see it’ is repeated throughout the project and as I look back at the effervescent experience of making this video with friends I smile because I know, even though its discomforting to see moments that depict aspects of our own reality on screen, we have to smile and greet the discomfort as it has and will allow us to become stronger, most of all our struggles with love. The joys and pains of our past have and will be the stems of our future, so whether large or small moments, we must take each as they come, bath in the glory of it all and also learn from it and move forward.’ 


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Thank you to all involved


Written & Directed by Bolade Banjo
Pearl De Luna
Goya Gumbani 
Slauson Malone 
Pink Siifu
Produced by Gully Type
Producer: Carla Steinberg
Production assistant: Earthleatha Oppon
Production assistant: Morgan
Production assistant: Milo Carter Hepplewhite
DOP: Jeremy Valender
1st AC: Ollie Craig
2nd AC: Toby Mckay
Gaffer: Marten Hokke
Steady camera: Jack Whitehouse
Costume: Desiree Laidler
Art Department: Umps Machaka
Edit by Bolade Banjo Federico Barni @ Punderson Gardens
Production Company: Punderson Gardens 
Colour Grade: John O'Riordan @ Punderson Gardens
Music mix: Slauson Malone 


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