Fragments, 2013 - Elijah

Fragments, 2013 is something of a screenshot, a time capsule moment from a time where I’d do a thing and then keep it moving. Slyly why it’s taken so long to come out, I’ve been trying to find balance.
I made this alongside The Hotel and redLee, shortly after meeting them. The energy was pure and it happened seamlessly. It’s an overlap of sounds and references taken from R&B and gospel stylings to sombre and sparse ambient moods.
Fragments, 2013 itself is a culmination of these pangs, moments, conversations, and relationships. So this offers, almost, a biased and fragmented glimpse into a mind-state, small small freezeframe.
Seven years is a long time, but everything has its place, its loomed over me for time, but now it’s got its own pulse so. 
More music to come for sure.