OBONGJAYAR. FRENS by Duncan Loudon

Obongjayar - Frens

A Duet by Nathalie Zangi & son.

Costume handmade with recycled fabric by Desiree Laidler

I wanted to make something that'd be meaningful still for the person involved in 10 years, I wanted somebody to have this to look back on when their child is old enough.

I've never seen any images of my mum pregnant, I think often that period of time gets lost/ overlooked and under photographed in a family archive.

The way the body moves whilst pregnant is specifically different from anything else, As a professional dancer Nathalie's life is having control of her body's movement. I wanted to see how dance and movement would change for a dancer whilst restricted or guided by dancing for two. 

I've been wondering a lot about how family photo albums now exist and are preserved...I feel like photos now are less safe from being lost and destroyed than ever,
I know, of course, there is hard-drives and the cloud, etc. but so often we just break phones and move on, lose hard-drives and move on. I wonder about family histories living in camera rolls.

I always intended this video to be purely celebratory and joyous for this new mother's journey, then we coincidentally ended up filming in Trellick Tower, which is directly opposite Grenfell. It gave this unavoidable other context to me whilst thinking about the video. Thinking about lives lived and lost in a city, what this city means as a singular organism of its inhabitants, it's hard not to see it that whilst being so high above it, with both Grenfell and new builds in the same view, buildings that hold new life, buildings in which lives have been lost Hard not to look at the city and think of these new people being born into it, considering if it's in better or worse condition than when I entered it. 

Done by DUNCAN.